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Escalade: Maybe, Name Change: No!

Escalade: Maybe, Name Change: No!
April 20
10:32 2017

Proposed Grand Canyon Escalade

There will be no vote taken on the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade development during the current Navajo Nation Council session. That’s the word from Window Rock. It could come up at a later session of Council.

The gondola-like attraction, which would be located near the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers, is a controversial idea because, among other things, it would involve lands that are considered sacred.

For the bill to get to the full Council it must first work its way through four committees, but so far, that has not happened. In addition, reports indicate that the reaction it has drawn so far has been mixed, at best.

Of the three committees that have studied the proposal, one tabled it, while the other two rejected the idea.

Those who are backing the Escalade are planning on continuing to try to get more support for it. They have another two years to get the issue debated by the entire Council.

Meanwhile the idea to change the Navajo Nation name to Dine’ Nation, does not have enough support to give it any traction with the Nation’s Council. The problem is that opponents feel a name change would be more of a negative, causing mass confusion, than it would be a positive.

The idea was first proposed by Delegate Jonathan Hale.

Hale said that Diné is actually the traditional name for the tribe.

He said the idea behind the legislation came when an elderly woman approached him after a ceremony to ask why the tribal government didn’t encourage people to use the tribe’s traditional name.

The woman told Hale that the name “Navajo” was bestowed on the tribe by Spanish Conquistadors.

But the fact is that on top of confusion, such a name change would also necessitate a lot of changes to maps, letterhead, history books, etc.

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