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EPA: Water Quality Normal

EPA: Water Quality Normal
January 10
10:37 2017

The major damage caused by the August 2015 Gold King Mine spill was over and done with rather quickly. That’s according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s final report on the disaster, which was caused by a contractor working for the EPA near Silverton, Colorado.EPA Big

The report tells us that the rivers involved in the spill returned to pre-spill condition shortly after the spill. However, the report says the contaminants would occasionally continue to spike in the wake of snowmelt and storms.

Those contaminants; an estimated 540 tons of metals, iron and aluminum, were sent down the Animas, and other rivers, and finally into Lake Powell in Page 324 miles away.

Evidently, the contractor accidentally pierced a natural dam that had been holding back the millions of gallons of contaminated water.

In their final report, The EPA says metal standards were never exceeded for public drinking water taken from Lake Powell.

The report goes on to say a science adviser for the EPA will continue to work with the states, communities and Native American tribes that were affected by the spill. Dr. Thomas A. Burke also says that water quality has returned to pre-spill condition.

The full EPA report can be found here:

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