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End of the Line for Chris Deschene’s Presidential Bid?

October 28
19:16 2014
Deschene Mr & Mrs SMALL

Shaun and Chris Deschene

Suddenly, it appears Chris Deschene’s run to be President of the Navajo Nation may be over.

According to Mr. Deschene’s Facebook page Tuesday afternoon, Navajo President Ben Shelly has vetoed the change in a law pertaining to the Navajo Presidency that seemed to have cleared a path for Deschene to remain on the ballot against Joe Shirley Jr. on November 4th.

The change in law, approved by the Navajo Nation Council early Friday morning, made it so a President’s ability to speak the Navajo language fluently would be up to the voters. It was a contentious vote on Friday, but it passed 11-10.

Then it fell in the lap of Shelly, who evidently vetoed the legislation, and with that, Deschene said, “It is with tremendous pride in our campaign and disappointment with the President’s veto, that the future of my candidacy is uncertain.”

Read Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly’s Veto

Deschene went on to say the Board of Election Supervisors had firmly protected the fundamental right of the Navajo people to choose their own leader.

The elections board had come under fire and had been accused of contempt of court because they had not taken Deschene off the ballot when told to do so by the Navajo Supreme Court last week.

More about the Navajo Presidential Election as well as voter information here.

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