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Dr. Tommy Lewis is About Giving Students Their best Chance

Dr. Tommy Lewis is About Giving Students Their best Chance
December 10
10:32 2019

Dr. Tommy Lewis Ed.D.

One thing you can say about Dr. Tommy Lewis is that he is proud to be overseeing eight public school districts, as the Superintendent of Schools in Coconino County. It’s a role he assumed a few weeks ago.

Tse ‘yaato’ High School was on his mind as we sat down to talk last week. This Page school along Haul Road in Page and Ponderosa High School in Flagstaff are part of the county’s Accommodation School District, which is designed to make sure every student reaches his or her potential.

“Tse ‘Yaato’ High School is an alternative high school is for students who are faced with various issues; at-risk situations,” said Dr. Lewis. “It’s a way to get them through high school; a way to get them a diploma, and have them carry on with their life.”

He visited with the school last week, talking with teachers and students. His concern, especially on the Navajo Nation, is student academic achievement.

“My role as county superintendant is to work with the school district superintendents, to make them aware that we need to do a bit more. We need to understand that these students bring various issues and problems to the school every day,” said Dr. Lewis.

He believes teachers need to be aware of the home front situations that they’re involved with every day.

“They come to school, not always ready. Sometimes they’re burdened with life situations; various issues at home hinder their learning” he went on. “As educators, we need to be aware of how to approach these students every day and giving it our best shot.”

At the end of the day, he hopes those students would have been given as much attention as they need to carry on into the next day. Dr. Lewis wants them to be able to graduate on time and at a good grade level to help them advance to a higher education or a career.

“That is my role,” he said, “to promote quality education.”

He emphasized that these kids have to know about the options ahead of them.

“We want them to make the right choice. We want them to know the consequences if they make the wrong choice,” added the Superintendent.

NOTE: You can hear our entire interview with Dr. Tommy Lewis at

Dr. Tommy Lewis is About Giving Students Their best Chance - overview

Summary: Coconino County School Superintendent Dr. Tommy Lewis is About Giving Students Their best Chance


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