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Dr. Smith is Listening at CCC

Dr. Smith is Listening at CCC
October 31
07:42 2017


Dr. Smith on Monday

There was a community forum Monday (10/30) at the Page campus of Coconino Community College (CCC). The event was organized by the President of the college, Dr. Colleen Smith, who has been making regular trips to Page ever since she took over her position 18-months ago.

Perhaps twenty-five to thirty people took-up the officer to attend the meeting and express their thoughts on what could be done to improve things at the local campus. The discussion was lively, and it seemed that everyone who came had things on their mind to share with the school’s leadership.

There was talk about whether it would be possible to lower the credentials needed to teach at CCC in Page. The thought was presented intelligently by a woman who has two Masters Degrees, but who isn’t eligible to teach here. Dr. Smith heard the woman and explained the situation to her. Part of the explanation was that it’s out of CCC’s control.

There were questions about why there isn’t more tutoring available, why there’s isn’t more time on weekends to use the school’s facilities, why CCC’s Internet isn’t more up to speed and more.

Dinner was provided to those who came to the forum.

Jim Hunter, who is the Director of the Page campus, was pleased with the turnout.

Page Mayor Bill Diak was in the audience and partook in the discussion during the close-to two hours of comments.

Mr. Diak told lake Powell Communications that he thinks the success of Page as a community is based on the success of the Page campus of CCC.

“I think it’s mandatory; not an option, but mandatory for the success of our community and our kids,” he said.

Jim Hunter at Monday’s event


In addition, the Mayor has been really happy with the performance of Dr. Smith.

“I’ve been very very impressed with her since she came on board with Coconino Community College,” said Diak. “I told the people this evening that she’s a breath of fresh air and that she has been the first CCC President that has actually come to our community and asks, ‘What do we need to be doing?’ instead of telling us what they’re not going to be doing.”

Information put together at Monday’s event will be used to strengthen programs and better serve the CCC community, according to the press release about the public forum.

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