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Donald Trumps Other Candidates in Arizona, Clinton the Choice For Arizona Democrats

Donald Trumps Other Candidates in Arizona, Clinton the Choice For Arizona Democrats
March 23
11:13 2016

Yesterday, Arizonans headed to the polls to cast their ballots in the Presidential Preference Election.Vote

The Grand Canyon State stuck with the majority of voters thus far and selected Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as their preferred choices to run in the general election come November.

Trump defeated Ted Cruz and John Kasich in the Republican winner take all contest, earning 47.1% of the vote and gaining 58 delegates. Cruz had 24.9% of the vote with John Kasich only pulling in 10% of votes cast. Ted Cruz did well in Coconino County, nearly defeating Trump. The Senator from Texas had 32.8% of the county’s vote compared to 39.2% for Trump.

For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton grabbed 57.8% of the vote and gained 44 of Arizona’s delegates compared to Bernie Sanders who had 39.9% of the vote and received 30 delegates.

Coconino County was the only county in Arizona to vote pro-Sanders. Sanders won Coconino County by nine percentage points which is unsurprising given how much time the Senator from Vermont spent campaigning in Flagstaff.

In Utah, Cruz and Sanders saw big wins. Cruz gathered nearly 70% of the vote on the Republican side while Bernie Sanders took almost over 79% of the Democratic vote.

Sanders also won big in Idaho, getting 78% of the vote compared to Clinton’s 21.2%.

Republicans have no more primaries scheduled for this month. The next time Republican voters head to the polls will be April 5th in Wisconsin.

Democrats will see Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington vote in their respective primaries on Saturday, March 26th.

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