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Doggy Dos for Your Forest Adventures

Doggy Dos for Your Forest Adventures
March 13
08:28 2019

Photo Darwin Featherstone

Bet you already know that dogs love Lake Powell and hiking in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, but do you know why?

Dogs love adventuring out in the wilderness for a number of reasons, they love to get out into the open spaces, breathe the fresh air, pick up the most amazing sticks ever! They also love being with you when you are happy and they can sense it when the outdoor experience is bringing your happiness vibration up.

Whether you’ve been walking your pup in the forest for years or maybe for the first time you’re considering adopting a new furbaby, National Forest Foundation offers a few simple rules to follow when it comes to your outing:

1. Be sure to pick up pet waste on the trail and in the campground! Most developed National Forest areas may even have pet waste stations supplied with plastic bags and bear-proof trash receptacles. Cleaning up after your pup will enable other visitors to have an equally awesome experience.

2. Check with your local National Forest office to find out which areas pets must be on-leash or any current restrictions. Note that most trailhead areas require dogs to be on-leash. Along the trail, there may also additional signs instructing pet owners to keep dogs on-leash.

3. Remember to bring along enough food and water for your furry friend. Also, be sure to store your dog’s supplies as you would your own. Puppy chow left out may attract unwanted visitors such as bears.

4. Overall, be courteous to other visitors. If you’re staying in a campground, be sure to secure your dog and never leave them alone. If you’re on a trail or waterway, be sure your pup is on voice command or on-leash.

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