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“Dixie,” On the Way Out in St. George?

“Dixie,” On the Way Out in St. George?
July 04
04:30 2020

Bye-Bye Dixie?

The word “Dixie” is all over the St. George, Utah area. It includes the well know Dixie Regional Medical Center, Dixie High School and of course, Dixie State University.

It now appears that some name changes are on the way due to the uproar across America over anything to do with the Confederate States of America, the short-lived country that supported slavery.

There’s talk that Dixie State University might see one of those name changes.

Obviously, there doesn’t seem to have been any slavery in Southern Utah, and Utah wasn’t even a state during the Civil War! So how did the word “Dixie” get itself involved in the St. George area?

Well, “Dixie” came to Southern Utah by way to Mormon settlers who arrived in the 1850’s. Many of the settlers were former residents of southern states such as Alabama and Mississippi, where slavery was all around. And with these new settlers, they brought the word “Dixie,” and they even tried to make the St. George area a new region for growing cotton.

As these nationwide protests continue, University officials are seriously thinking of taking “Dixie” out of their name. According to a recent report, top brass with the school are now tossing about possible new names for a university that has close to 11,000 students.

According to one report, two possible new names could be “The University of St. George, or the simpler, “St. George University.”

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Summary: "Dixie," On the Way Out in St. George?


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