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Deschene; “Election Stolen”

Deschene; “Election Stolen”
November 24
15:15 2014
Deschene Mr & Mrs

Shaun and Chris Deschene

The Navajo Nation government is in trouble and the election was stolen.

That’s how former Navajo Presidential candidate, Chris Deschene, feels today, almost a month after Navajo President Ben Shelly vetoed legislation passed by the Navajo Nation Council that would have kept the Page High School graduate on the ballot. Mr. Deschene made the comments in an exclusive interview with Lake Powell Communications Sunday night (11/23) at a fundraiser at the Canyon Cantina in Page.

Poor leadership has been exercised the last few months, I believe. The people have spoken on their preferences on what leadership should be. But our government hasn’t responded to that.” – Chris Deschene, Attorney and Former Navajo Presidential Candidate

Deschene stressed that he’s proud of his supporters and is extremely pleased with how they have pushed for the new changes that will improve the Navajo Nation.

The Lechee native was asked if he is bitter over what has happened.

“If somebody stole something from you; that’s probably how I feel,” he said, thoughtfully. “Do you know what I’m saying? You work hard for something and they take it from you, yeah; that’s how I feel. I’m not bitter, per se. But that’s the feeling I can relate to best.”

He then emphasized that the election was most definitely stolen.

“Absolutely; the people have spoken. We beat our opponent, even with the broken election, easily two-to-one,” he said. “That’s not including those that were returns that were by absentee, and even those, I believe, we probably had eighty or ninety percent of those votes.”

Mr. Deschene believes things will change throughout the Navajo Nation as a result of his campaign.

“It’s already starting to happen with the election of new delegates who represent the new generations of leaders coming forward,” said Deschene. “I believe the changes are occurring regardless of what happens to me.”

Chris Deschene’s campaign manager, Lambert Benally, says what it’s about today is; who’s Navajo, or who’s Dine’ enough, to run to represent the Navajo people.

“Are we going to let just a few folks decide that for us?” asked Benally

For now it’s back to work for Chris Deschene. He has returned to work his law practice, where he works to help Navajo People all over the United States.


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