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Great Lakes Chosen by Department of Transportation

Great Lakes Chosen by Department of Transportation
May 15
08:46 2015

After Page City Council’s recommendations for Boutique Air and then for Great Lakes Aviation a few weeks ago, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has reached a decision.DOT Logo small pic

Great Lakes Aviation will be the Essential Air Service Provider (EAS) for the next two years.

According to Mayor Bill Diak, council members did not have long to review the material for both EAS providers before being forced to make a recommendation.

With the conclusion of the first meeting, it seemed like City Council had decided to go with Boutique Air by a 4-3 vote.  That is, until Councilor Michael Bryan felt he may have made a mistake.

The day after the meeting Councilor Michael Bryan told Lake Powell Communications, “This is something I lost sleep over.”

A special session of City Council was held on the third day and the vote was called into question a second time. Councilor Bryan switched his decision and the result came to be 4-3 in favor of Great Lakes.

Lake Powell Communications spoke with Mayor Bill Diak about his reaction as well as the public’s expected reaction to the decision reached by the DOT.

“I hope that the public receives it in the light that we meant it to be,” said Mayor Diak.

He claimed the biggest difference was: Great Lakes is an airline and Boutique Air is a Charter company.  Great Lakes has both a TSA hook-up and maintain their own terminal at the airport; whereas Boutique has neither and would park at the jet center.

Luggage for Boutique Air customers would also have to be carried by their respective owners to the next flight.  Great Lakes would have it taken care of.

“We don’t just work for the citizens, we work for our tourists too,” said Mayor Diak.

He said he knows he stuck his neck out there by suggesting Great Lakes, but he is confident they will be more committed.

The big question is: “How will the citizens of Page react to this decision?”

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