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Curtis Jackson Doesn’t Have 50 Cents to His Name

Curtis Jackson Doesn’t Have 50 Cents to His Name
July 16
11:17 2015

What is the world coming to?

The rapper known as 50 Cent apparently doesn’t have “fiddy cents” to his name. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson filed for bankruptcy July 13 citing debts and assets in the range between $10 million to $50 million.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson

However, lawyers for the rapper call this filing a “strategic” move.

It very well could be, as bankruptcy doesn’t always mean that you’re headed for the poor house. Take Republican presidential contender Donald Trump, for example. While The Donald – who claims he’s worth $9 billion – has never personally filed for bankruptcy protection, four of his companies have.

Still, Jackson – who sang “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” – is just the latest celebrity to let massive wealth slip away.

Remember M.C. Hammer? He found himself so far in debt that when he tried to access his bank account they told him “U can’t touch this.” Hammer amassed a fortune of some $40 million, but buying cars, bling and two freaking helicopters drained his fortune and left him $13 million in debt.

What is it about singers?

Before Cyndi Lauper just wanted to have fun, she had to file for bankruptcy over a lawsuit involving her former band.

Okay, it’s not just singers. Some athletes have the knack for losing their shirts, too.

When football player Michael Vick got caught up in his dog fighting scandal he ended up declaring bankruptcy in 2008. Luckily, Vick got a second chance and managed to get himself out of the dog house.

Maybe the champ when it comes to going broke is Mike Tyson. During his legendary career in the ring, “Iron Mike” flattened opponents and built up his warchest to a healthy $300 million. But by 2003, Tyson’s wealth was down for the count.

Like Lauper, newsman Larry King fell on hard times before finally hitting it big. He had been charged with stealing $5,000 from a business partner; though the charges were later dropped, the debt piled up forcing King into bankruptcy in 1978.

Country music legend Willie Nelson has earned a lot of money during his celebrated career, but most of it must have gone up in smoke. He filed Chapter 11 in 1990 after the Internal Revenue Service handed him a bill for $32 million in unpaid taxes.

And 1970s heartthrob Burt Reynolds had to file for bankruptcy in 1996. Part of that was due to his extravagant lifestyle and failed investments. His divorce from actress Loni Anderson also didn’t help Reynolds’ bottom line either.

Other celebrities who owed more than they had have included actress Anna Nicole Smith, former model Janice Dickinson, singer Meat Loaf and screen legend Mickey Rooney did it twice.

Baseball slugger Jose Canseco also filed for Chapter 11. Poor Jose. Not only could he not handle his finances, but he had trouble with fly balls, too. Once, one bounced off his head and over the fence for a home-run!

Even one of the cast members from the TV series “Diff’rent Strokes” needed bankruptcy protection. You may be wondering, “Whatcha talkin’ ’bout, Willis,” but it’s true. Gary Coleman had to file in 1996.

In case you think bankruptcy is a new thing, consider this: Hollywood’s greatest lover, Rudolph Valentino, died broke.

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