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Fatal Motorcycle Crash on Highway 89 Friday

Fatal Motorcycle Crash on Highway 89 Friday
November 16
05:32 2019

The motorcycle being placed on a tow truck

UPDATE: Sunday 11/17/19  We now know that this was, sadly, a fatal accident, and a Page gentleman lost his life. But any further details have not been released to Lake Powell Communications by the investigating agency. When we know something further, we will post it.


On Friday afternoon, as people were trying to get home from work, a nasty accident happened at the intersection of North Lake Powell Boulevard and US 89. The crash involved a motorcycle.

It took time for the intersection to be cleared. And for quite a while northbound traffic on Highway 89 was forced to turn right onto North Lake Powell Boulevard. By the same token, for a long time, traffic on Lake Powell Boulevard heading west toward Highway 89, could only turn right; they could not go straight or turn left.

The Page City Police and Page Fire Department were on the scene, as was the Arizona Department of Public safety.

Details of the crash, which occurred shortly after 4 P.M. have not been released.

Fatal Motorcycle Crash on Highway 89 Friday - overview

Summary: Crash on Highway 89 Ties-up Traffic Friday Afternoon


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