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COVID-19 Testing Study Underway at U. of Utah

COVID-19 Testing Study Underway at U. of Utah
May 16
04:32 2020

Testing ourselves, and even our family and friends, for the COVID-19 virus, could one day be as easy as pulling out our Smartphone. That’s according to a study underway at the University of Utah in Salt lake City.

Reports indicate that an electrical and computer engineering professor at the college us using money from a Two Hundred Thousand Dollar grant to fund this study. If successful, the it would lead to a portable testing censor that can be used with our Smartphones, or other mobile device.

The censor is said to be about the size of a quarter. It would apparently take just a moment for the results of the test to be known.

The funding is coming from a National Science Foundation Rapid Response Research grant. Officials with the Utah department of Health are looking into the school’s project, but have yet to comment on the idea.

If the study does lead to the COVID-19 censor, without further testing, it’s unknown how effective it would be. But, of course, if it is successfully developed, and is effective, it will obviously be very helpful.

Since the outbreak of the virus earlier this year, the testing process for the virus has been difficult, at best, due to the lack of testing devices.

The person behind this idea is identified as U of U Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Massood Tabib-Azar.

“The key is it should be easy to use, it should be fast and essentially hassle-free,” said Tabib-Azar.

If successful, the device, which would plug into the phone’s power port, could be ready in two to three months.

COVID-19 Testing Study Underway at U. of Utah - overview

Summary: COVID-19 Testing Study Underway at University of Utah


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