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COVID-19 Outbreak at the County Jail

COVID-19 Outbreak at the County Jail
January 13
18:13 2022

Coconino County Detention Facility faces COVID-19 virus outbreak

Sheriff Jim Driscoll

Flagstaff, AZ -The Coconino County Detention Facility (CCDF) Medical Department will begin a mass COVID-19 testing of all inmates and Detention staff starting today. CCDF is currently experiencing its first COVID-19 positive mass outbreak since health-related protocols to mitigate a mass spreading of
the virus were established in March of 2020. As of this morning CCDF has 44 inmates and 11 Detention Staff that are currently COVID-19 positive. We are expecting more positive cases to come out as we get the results back from the mass testing.
Since March of 2020 we have had 308 inmates and 103 Detention Staff test positive for the COVID-19 virus. Currently our Medical staff have administered 254 vaccinations to the inmate population. At first, we were seeing a 30% of the population choosing to vaccinate or had been vaccinated but now
that number has steadily climbed to an 80% vaccination rate. CCDF Medical Staff have been able to treat and care for most inmates testing positive within the facility with only 3 requiring hospitalizations.
We have had no COVID-19 in-custody deaths. Over the last year (2021), we have been able to go months with no inmates or staff testing positive and other months we would have 1-2 inmates in medical isolation after testing positive for the COVID-19 virus. Because of the safety measures put in place and
the hard work and efforts from our staff, we have been able to fight off a large outbreak of the virus in the facility for almost two years. This is an unusual accomplishment for congregate settings such as jails.
Early on, we had restricted our facility from having physical contact with the outside world in order to keep the virus out or limit the number of positive cases once the virus did get in.
With the number of COVID-19 positive cases climbing in Coconino County we knew at some point we would see increased numbers of positive cases with our inmate population and staff. With the rapid rise in positive cases, we need to limit the population entering the CCDF for a limited time, in order to create
distancing, quarantine, and isolation to protect the inmates and staff.
Because of the current outbreak, we are at a critical point where we are unable to safely continue to provide these segregated areas. To create the space needed to slow down the outbreak in concurrence with County Health and Human Services, we will temporarily not accept non-violent misdemeanor
arrests along with self-surrender court commits.
With a drop in the daily CCDF population we will be able to keep those inmates who currently are positive, symptomatic, and not positive and not
symptomatic, separated and safe throughout the facility. This will also allow us to continue to quarantine new inmates for 10-days, as recommended by the Center for Disease Control.
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COVID-19 Outbreak at the County Jail - overview

Summary: Coconino County Detention Facility faces COVID-19 virus outbreak


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