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Council Holds Off Implementing HSB Walk-In Fee

Council Holds Off Implementing HSB Walk-In Fee
May 15
08:50 2019

Horseshoe Bend fees to park have been implemented since the completion of the new parking lot and fee booths April 15th. Since then, Page city leaders have found themselves challenged by park visitors trying to avoid paying a parking fee, instead, dropping off passengers outside the entrance to the lot on US 89, or driving over curbs to park in the dirt areas outside the city-owned lot.

Page City Council has been considering adding a walk-in fee of $5 for those who do not pay to park in order to discourage parking in prohibited areas. Last Wednesday’s council meeting brought more discussion of the idea, with it the realization that implementing such a fee would require adding to the Phase Three plans the construction of a pedestrian fee pay station and system to process those fees.  Council agreed to put that project idea on hold and first see how well the shuttle and public transport systems recently put into place will help with crowd control and public safety there. Council may still revisit the idea down the road.

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