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Could Utah Middle School Students Start Learning About Gun Safety?

Could Utah Middle School Students Start Learning About Gun Safety?
January 21
10:49 2016

Utah middle schools could be adding firearms safety to their curriculum as a voluntary course for eighth-grade students.kid reaching for gun small pic

The measure was proposed by Utah Senator Todd Weiler and is aimed at teaching young kids how to properly address the situation should they come across a firearm.  There will also be a crash course in violence prevention.

Lake Powell Communications spoke with Senator Weiler about the program.

“This is an opportunity for kids ages 12-14 to learn if they come across a gun, don’t touch it, call for help, tell an adult,” said Weiler.

In response to mass shootings over the years, the course would also teach how to safely handle an active shooter situation.

“If we’re going to talk about guns while we’re in school, I think it would be silly not to be able to mention something about an active-shooter situation,” said Senator Weiler.

An actual firearm will not be used in the course and anyone wishing to participate would require a parent or guardian’s signature.

If the measure passes, Utah could put $75,000 toward developing the program.

Elementary schools in Michigan currently have a firearms safety program provided by the National Rifle Association called the Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program.

Eddie Eagle educates young children on the dangers of touching a gun.  It teaches them to leave the area and tell an adult.

Firearms safety education has received bipartisan support.

The latest federal implementation aimed at curbing gun violence happened when President Obama recently issued an executive order that requires more gun dealers to conduct extensive background checks on their customers.

Listen to Lake Powell Communications talk about the bill with the senator here.

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