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Cost of Diapers Weighs on Parents

Cost of Diapers Weighs on Parents
June 18
08:18 2018

It is one of the least favored tasks a parent has to manage and often more costly and stressful than parents expect it to be, one in three families impacted by the dreaded diaper duty, suffering from a lack of access to clean diapers during the infant and toddler years. Elizabeth Rochin with the Association of Women’s Health tells Lake Powell Life News one child can cost families nearly $200 a month to be clean and dry in diapers.

Rochin says parents without the money to buy diapers or keep cloth diapers clean consistently often keep their children out of day care or early education programs because they don’t have enough supplies to send with the kids.

Rochin says there is now a National Diaper Bank network parents can turn to for help if this is a concern for them, for more information visit the National Diaper Bank Network online.

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