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Community to Remember Uranium Horror

Community to Remember Uranium Horror
July 06
12:03 2015

Red Water Pond Road Community Association will be hosting its 36th annual Uranium Red Tails Commemoration on Saturday, uranium small picJuly 18, from 7 A.M. to 3 P.M.

This event is in remembrance of the disastrous Northeast Church Rock Mine uranium tailings spill. The 1979 spill, by the United Nuclear Corp., contaminated the land and water, destroyed vegetation and brought myriad health problems to the surrounding communities.

Issues that continue to this day

Red Water Pond Road is located 12 miles north of Red Rock State Park , on State Highway 566 (near Church Rock).

The Red Water Pond Community Association and its partners are very concerned about the uranium contamination legacy, which has poisoned Mother Earth.

This historic event is open to all ages and will share the struggles people face in their daily lives, the healing yet to be endured, and the awareness and education required in the surrounding area and nationally.

“We believe we need to support one another and cherish all our families and communities, just as our elders have,” according to a press release issued by the association. “By working together, with our combined intelligence and wisdom we can address this legacy to provide a life of balance and harmony for our people and future generations.”

The association also offers a “thank you to the leaders who have passed the Dine Natural Resources Act legislation in 2005.”

The community will continue its journey to heal the Dine people and Mother Earth.

“The Navajo people are victims,” former Navajo Chairman Peterson Zah said last year. “Many of our people have died from mysterious diseases for which no cure could be found. Years later, it was determined that radiation has caused cancer in these individuals.” for more information, please contact Edith Hood, Red Water Pond Road Community Association 505- 905-80511 Jordan Johnson Coordination of McKinley Community Place Matters (505) 240-1486 [email protected]

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