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Coming in September, the Miss Navajo Nation Pageant

Coming in September, the Miss Navajo Nation Pageant
July 22
19:26 2021

Who Will Be Miss Navajo Nation?

The 69th Annual Miss Navajo Nation Pageant announced their four contestants, it will take place for four days beginning September 6th, The coronation will be held September 11th. As a bonus, this year’s pageant will be available to the public to view virtually through Facebook and YouTube streaming platforms.

The four contestants are:

  • 24-year-old Gypsy Shannon Pete from Rock Point, Arizona. Pete is Kinłichii’nii, Deeshchii’nii, Bit’ahnii, Ma’ii deeshgiizhnii


  • 25-year-old Shandiin Hiosik Yazzie from St. Michaels, Arizona. Yazzie is Ashiihi, K’étłahí (Akimel O’odham), Tó’dích’inii, Yoeme (Pasquai Yaqui)


  • 22-year-old Niagara Aveda Chanel Rockbridge from Pinon, Arizona. Rockbridge is Kinyaa’aanii, Hask’aan Hadzohi, Naakai Dine’é, Tó’ahaní


  • 19-year-old Oshkaillah Lakota IronShell from St. Michaels, Arizona. Ironshell is Táhneezahii, Lokaad Dineh (Sicangu Sioux), Kinyaa’áanii, Lokaad Dineh (Sicangu Sioux)


During the competition, the contestants will demonstrate traditional skills such as sheep butchering, food preparation, tying a tsiiyéeł (traditional hair bun) and answering impromptu questions in both English and Diné Bizaad.

Contestants will also conduct business interviews, perform contemporary talents and present a platform of how they would use the power of the office to encourage holistic health. They’ll show goodwill ambassadors, lead community initiatives and help preserve the teachings, language and culture passed down to them from their mothers, aunties and grandmothers.

President Jonathanm Nez said;

“We are very thankful to these four proud and strong Diné women for taking on the challenge of competing in this year’s pageant. We pray for their safety and success as they move forward and we thank their families for supporting them as well. Whoever is selected to wear the prestigious title of Miss Navajo Nation will have some big shoes to fill.”

Coming in September, the Miss Navajo Nation Pageant - overview

Summary: Coming in September, the Miss Navajo Nation Pageant


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