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Coconino County Response to Curfew

Coconino County Response to Curfew
June 01
10:01 2020

Statement on Statewide Curfew Order 


(FLAGSTAFF) Coconino County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman,Sup.Liz Archuletaissued the below statement following the announcement of statewide curfew.    

“Gov.Duceyhas announced a statewide curfew forall ofArizona every night this week.The curfew begins at 8pm and will lift each morning at 5am.Coconino County encourages all persons to comply with the Governors order and limit any travelduringcurfewto essential needs for work or public health or safety.    

“Protests have erupted across America in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. Racism, bigotry, intolerance and xenophobia have no place in Coconino County andarenot part of the values that our diverse and multicultural community believes in.This is a foundationalbelief for Coconino County and onewerecentlyproclaimed againas we condemned the incitement of violence against the Navajo peopleamidtheCOVID-19 pandemic.    

“We have seen peaceful protests in our Countyin response to thistragedy.Weencourage all residents and visitors to peacefully engage in theirFirstAmendment rights as has been the case this past week.Every person has the right to peacefully protest thefailureof America to fulfill its promise ofequalityand justice for all.” 

City of Page/PD Response to Curfew:


Governor’s Emergency Declaration:


Coconino County Response to Curfew - overview

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