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City of Page Temporary Layoffs

City of Page Temporary Layoffs
April 21
16:58 2020

The last week has been very tough for both employees and staff at the City of Page. With an ever-continuing decrease in city sales tax revenues, City Manager, Darren Coldwell, says the city has been forced to make some very tough decisions. Included in these decisions have been a temporary layoff for 27 employees. In his statement, Coldwell also said he is hopeful of bringing back the recently laid-off city employees as soon as possible.

The layoffs included in the decision were in the departments of Recreation, Public Works, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell National Golf Course, and Page City Library. Coldwell also said there has been some misinformation that has been printed and circulated and he wants to make clear that services are still being offered. Horseshoe Bend remains open at no charge to the public, Lake Powell National Golf course remains open. Public Works has not discontinued any plans for city improvements this year and the Library remains open offering many services through curbside and online services. Coldwell also stresses that our parks remain open, including the skate park, the pickleball courts, and the sports complex. While the city has been forced to eliminate the organized activities for a while, it is their hope that within a short time those will be available as well.

Coldwell also said, “These circumstances have caught all involved off guard. I hope that the citizens realize that we are dealing with an unforeseen situation, and because of this the decisions were made. Once again, we are hoping to bring our people back as soon as we can.”

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