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City Council Meeting March 25, 2020 Re-Cap

City Council Meeting March 25, 2020 Re-Cap
March 26
14:53 2020

City Council Re-Cap

At Wednesday night’s Page City Council meeting, Mayor Levi Tappan, asserted that the reason behind his signing of the State of Emergency Declaration for Page was for financial reasons. He cited the Navajo Nation closing Antelope Canyon along with the government closure of international travel as key factors impacting the future of Page’s financial future. 

City Manager Darren Caldwell gave an update on the City’s COVID-19 situation. He said that with the governor’s mandate, a lot of the City facilities, including Horseshoe Bend, will remain open. City Hall and the Police Station remain open for business. Entrances to the facilities are closed to anyone other than employees, but everyone will be met at the front door. Caldwell also said the Police Chief made the decision to test anybody that does enter his building. Mr. Caldwell also said they’ve sent home any city workers who can work from home. The workers who must work outside are on staggered shifts, get right out into the field, and stay outside for lunches and breaks. Mr. Caldwell said, “we’re taking this very serious.”

The City Manager also said the Community Center is open but, for curbside service only, so patrons do need to call ahead for meals. Although Meals on Wheels is a different program, they are also still operating for now. 

Page’s finest also in attendance last night representing both the PD and Fire Departments, expressing concern about the front line’s access to medical and safety supplies for officers and fire responders. Supplies are provided and distributed to areas based on population and are already in short supply. Officials say there will be more shortages in the weeks to come. All public safety personnel are also being tested for virus symptoms on a daily basis for both their safety and the safety of the public. 

City Manager Darren Coldwell informed the council that Contour Airlines will make some flight changes soon. Beginning on April 1st, they will discontinue flights to Las Vegas for now but will offer flights to Phoenix twice per day.

Page City Council also approved to update the contract for airport construction work to be completed during the day versus nighttime construction. The move is in response to complaints from those residing in the neighborhoods in the immediate vicinity of the airport. 

It was Councilor Mark Cormier’s final meeting with Page City Council last night. He is stepping down for medical reasons. The Mayor presented Mr. Cormier with an appreciation plaque. In closing out his time with the city, Cormier made his exit saying, “It has been a real honor serving with the council and that the city is in a good position to weather a storm.”

City Council Meeting March 25, 2020 Re-Cap - overview

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