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Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child Abuse Prevention Month
April 08
14:00 2015



Sylvia Peterson

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month across the nation.

Child abuse is a serious problem in the country, but there is a way you can help prevent it.

Lake Powell Communications spoke with the author of “Laura and Me,” Sylvia Peterson, about her experience talking to one of the most infamous predators in America, Laura McCollum, about child abuse

For Peterson, it was personal, because she had been sexually abused at the age of seven by her grandfather.

In her book, she details her journey to find answers and understand child abusers.

“There are signs if the adult is paying attention,” Peterson said.

According to McCollum, adults should look at the clothing for spills, and check their arms and body for scratches and bruises. “Especially places where no one should be touching.”

She also explained that kids will find a way to communicate with a trusted adult by drawing pictures, acting out what may have happened, making paper people, et cetera, if not direct about it.Book Cover small pic

“And when that happens, take it seriously,” Peterson said.

McCollum said she doesn’t believe kids make up stories about being molested.

Peterson went on to the subject of stranger danger, and revealed that a high percentage of pedophiles aren’t strangers, but are trusted adults, or friends of the family.

“Don’t make the child go with someone they don’t like, because there might be a reason they don’t like them,” said Peterson.

She sets part of the blame on modern culture’s over-sexualized clothing brand ads, sex on TV, car ads, and other such things for making people so desensitized about the concept of sexuality, but you can help prevent child abuse from ever occurring, just by looking for the signs.

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