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Chicago Visits Page!

Chicago Visits Page!
January 05
18:41 2020

Chicago’s Lee Loughnane

Page High School hosted Rock Music royalty this past weekend!

Lee Loughnane was in Page, not to perform, but to sit back at the Page High School gym and watch his son play JV basketball for Sedona Red Rock High School.

Mr. Loughnane is not a household name, but as a trumpet player he is a founding member of the world-renowned band, “Chicago.” Not only is he a founding member of the band that brought us “Saturday in the Park,” “Make Me Smile,” and dozens of other huge hit records, but he is also a founding member, and one of three original members still with Chicago so many years later!

“My son and I live in Sedona, so I came here to Page to support him,” said Loughnane.

He spoke to us on the radio (Lake Powell Communications) between the girls’ and boys’ games on Saturday.

He told us that when he formed the band with Terry Kath, they weren’t thinking about worldwide success.

“We just wanted to play and have fun,” he told us. “And it is still what we want; to play and to have fun.”

Chicago continues to play over one hundred shows a year across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Lee Loughnane

Their first hit was “Make Me Smile,” off their second album.

Here’s some Rock music history; Lee told us the band’s original name was “The Music Foundation.” Then it was “Chicago Transit Authority,” before they shortened it to “Chicago.”

When they came into the attention of rock critics and rock fans, Chicago actually followed Blood, Sweat and Tears, another band founded on brass instruments, in getting noticed. But it was Chicago that hit the big time first.

He told us that while The Beatles were a major influence for him, so were classical influences such as Beethoven, Stravinsky, and others.


Loughnane told us that his father got him started on the trumpet. His father was a bandleader, playing the trumpet while in the Army-Air Force during Worl War II, before the Air Force became its own entity.

“But by the time he came out of the service he didn’t want to play anymore, but he still had the instruments,” he told us. “But, while he was around to witness our success, originally he wanted to talk me out of pursuing a career as a musician. You know; ‘get a real job,’ one of those things.”

Mr. Loughnane told us that the original huge success his band met with is more or less a blur by now.

“It’s been one long tour for fifty years,” he said. “And we’re still enjoying it. Many people think there’s been so many changes that it’s not the same band anymore, but realistically, three of the original guys who were there on day-1 are still with us every day; Robert Lamm,  myself and Jimmy Pancow.”

Chicago; still going strong after all these years!

Lee is very proud of their 37th album, a Christmas album that came out late in 2019. He wanted us to mention that.






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