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Charles in Charge?

Charles in Charge?
June 12
06:33 2019


Is it time for the first Native American president of the United States?

Mark Charles, a member of the Navajo Nation, thinks it is. Originally from Gallup, N.M., Charles is running as an independent. He made his intentions known via a YouTube video but plans to make a formal announcement soon on the Navajo Nation. Charles’ father is Navajo; his mother is American, with Dutch ancestry.

Running as an independent will allow him to tackle subjects that the two major political parties often ignore, he said.

Many people believe that President Donald Trump’s seeming acceptance of right-wing hate groups has led to an increase in racism in America, but that isn’t the case Charles argues.

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From its founding, the United States was based on race and class, he said.

The U.S. Constitution was drawn up to specifically protect the rights of white, landowning men, Charles said.

Many Americans today don’t know the history of their nation. Women weren’t allowed to vote until 1920, and the Constitution said that blacks only equaled three-fifths of a person.

American Indians aren’t afforded any mention in the Constitution and weren’t even considered to be a person until Ponca Chief Standing Bear won an 1879 court case the declared him to be a human being!

Until America can reconcile with its blemished past, it can’t fully move forward, Charles believes,

He plans to visit tribes and reservations to make his argument for inclusion to native communities. But he won’t stop here. Charles said he will campaign in all 50 states and American territories.

Climate change will be a big part of this campaign, as will immigration and health care.

The big problem facing America is that “many people don’t realize that the foundation this country was based on was cracked from the beginning,” Charles said.

Maybe there is some magic in the name? The first – and only – Native American to serve as vice president was also named Charles.

Charles Curtis a member of the Kaw tribe, though he often downplayed his heritage. He served under Herbert Hoover.

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