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CCC & The Glen Canyon Conservancy Talking 1869 Tuesday

CCC & The Glen Canyon Conservancy Talking 1869 Tuesday
October 17
16:04 2019

The Transcontinental Railroad was Completed 150-years ago

Dudley Gardner

This Tuesday evening Coconino Community College will have one of their “Ed Talks” at their Page campus. This time the subject is the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, which was completed 150-years ago, May 10, 1869. It will also focus on the people who built it.

This Tuesday’s speaker will be archeologist Dudley Gardner, who actually spoke at the official celebration earlier this year at Promontory Summit in northern Utah.

Among other topics, Mr. Gardner will focus on how much of the work on the Transcontinental Railroad, including some of the hardest work in the Siera Nevada Mountains, was done by Chinese men. They had been recruited by the Central Pacific Railroad.

“Dudley has done several archeological digs primarily focused on the Chinese,” said Kay Leum, CCC’s Executive Director of Extended Learning.

Gardner will explore the day to day lives of people who worked to unify the United States. Until this remarkable achievement was completed, to get from New York to California you had three options. Many went by land, which took months; if you made it. And there were two ways to go by sea. You could sail to Panama, then cross by land with a pretty good chance of catching malaria, before getting on another ship northward. The third way was to go all the way around South America by ship, which sometimes took a half-year.

Tuesday’s event is at 6:30 at the CCC Page Campus.

CCC & The Glen Canyon Conservancy Talking 1869 Tuesday - overview

Summary: CCC & The Glen Canyon Conservancy talking 1869 and the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.


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