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Castle Fire becomes more active with winds

Castle Fire becomes more active with winds
August 18
16:05 2019

FREDONIA, Ariz., August 18, 2019 — The Castle Fire became more active yesterday as wind speeds increased. Some spotting occurred on the north and south perimeter. Firefighters were successful in holding the fire north of Castle Point and on the southeastern portion of the perimeter.

With hot, dry weather and winds forecasted to continue for the next few days, fire managers are increasing firefighting resources in order to mitigate fire behavior and meet the objectives of the Castle Fire. The objectives are:

  • Utilize deliberate risk management process to ensure that incident responders are only committed where and when they can be successful, with the least exposure necessary.
  • Allow fire to function as a natural disturbance process within the ecosystem to reduce accumulations of forest fuels that may exist in the area.
  • Limit fire intensity to prevent adverse impacts to cultural and natural resources.
  • Hold fire within the planning area.

Smoke is visible from surrounding communities and is expected to settle in the valleys during early morning and late evenings and then clear out by mid-morning. For local air quality and related information, please visit the following websites: or the Smoke Management Division of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. Please visit InciWeb for more information on the Castle Fire and other fires in the area.

Soon after the Castle Fire started on July 12, fire managers pre-identified a planning area in which the lightning-caused wildfire would be allowed to fulfill its natural role within a fire-dependent ecosystem. The fire has burned through about 96% of the 19,368-acre planning area, burning through a significant amount of dead and down trees and some mixed conifer species. Small pockets of unburned vegetation remain within the wildfire’s interior and may burn over the coming days. By allowing the wildfire to naturally burn through this area, the ecosystem will become healthier and more resilient.

A Closure Order remains in effect for the Castle Fire area:

Castle Fire becomes more active with winds - overview

Summary: This is an update of the castle Fire near Jacob Lake in Arizona


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