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Carl Hayden Visitor Center Grand Reopening

Carl Hayden Visitor Center Grand Reopening
April 04
15:33 2017

The ribbon to the visitor center being cut

On September 26, 1968 the Carl Hayden Visitor Center hosted a dedication ceremony. Nearly 50 years later, on Tuesday, the visitor center hosted another ceremony, this time a grand reopening.

The reopening celebrated the first full redesign of the visitor center. Several display replacements were installed since 1968, but this reopening marked the first full replacement of all the displays. The new displays have the most up to date information and data and offer visitors an interactive approach to learning about the dam.

The revamp of the Carl Haden Visitor Center came in under budget and the facelift didn’t cost the taxpayers a dime. All of the money spent to renovate the visitor center came from revenue generated from power created by the dam and from entrance fees into Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Marlon Duke, the Public Affairs Officer of the Upper Colorado Region for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, kicked off the even with a welcome address followed by the playing of the national anthem by the Page High School band. The high school band also performed at the 1968 visitor center dedication.

One of the new exhibits

William Shott, Superintendent of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Jason Tucker, Field Division Manager of Glen Canyon Dam, and Rick Frost, Regional Director for Communications and External Relations Intermountain Region, all gave speeches that emphasized the importance of the interagency cooperation that takes place at Glen Canyon Dam.

David Murillo, Acting Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation, gave the keynote address at the reopening ceremony. He said as the new administration gets informed of the 17-year ongoing drought impacting the region, Glen Canyon Dam comes up a lot.

“Right now with the new administration in D.C., we are trying to get everybody up to speed, all the politicals up to speed,” Murillo said. “A couple of the areas we really are focusing on are California and Colorado. Glen Canyon is something we talk quite often about. So it is getting a lot of attention”

While the Trump administration gets a rundown on the importance of Glen Canyon Dam from the Bureau of Reclamation, the visitor center provides that information to the visitors that come through the door every day. In fact, during his speech, Justin Tucker said that is the main function of the visitor center.

“The purpose of the visitor center itself is to communicate the how and why, to answer those questions,” Tucker said. “The Park Service and the Bureau, what actions we take, what our roles are in fulfilling those stewardship duties here. So as you go and get a chance to spend some time in those exhibits we’re hoping they’re very effective in that. That they communicate that not only to us, but also to the nearly 1-million visitors we have every year.”

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