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Can New Law Be Credited for Lower Crash Numbers?

Can New Law Be Credited for Lower Crash Numbers?
July 09
08:59 2019
The Utah Highway Patrol says alcohol-related vehicle accidents decreased in number during the first quarter of 2019.  However, troopers say it’s too early to credit the new DUI law for the reduction.
A law lowering the permissible level of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream took effect this year.  The level was reduced from .08 to .05.
Patrol Sergeant Nick Street says not enough data has been registered to credit the new law.  But he is confident that the reduction has created “a healthy fear” in drivers.
Three people have died in 236 alcohol-related accidents this year.  During the first quarter of 2018, 416 such crashes resulted in 10 fatalities.
Street says only a small fraction of those arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence posted alcohol readings between .05 and .08.  He says the majority of the 2,713 arrested had alcohol levels “well over” the former standard of .08.

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