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Bugs, Bugs, and more BUGS. The Invasion of Insects in Page Arizona.

Bugs, Bugs, and more BUGS. The Invasion of Insects in Page Arizona.
July 30
11:54 2019

insects bugsMany residents of Page feel they are being invaded by bugs lately as several different types of ghastly pests have been proliferating in large numbers.

Experts have told us the mass invasion of insects is attributable to a combination of a wetter than average spring, and several other factors.

“We’ve got a couple of things going on. One is the really wet winter and spring that we had,” told by Bill Hetborne, an associate biology professor at Southern Utah University. “And then, we had kind of a slow summer warm-up, and so a lot of things just stayed dormant, eggs underground, that kind of thing, and then it warmed up really quickly. I think the combination of the two has led to a lot of the outbreaks that we’re seeing.”

Several hideous and offensive beasts have been reported throughout the region in larger than average numbers, including grasshoppers, gnats, false chinch bugs and green stink bugs. Lear Las Vegas, a large grasshopper migration is in progress. As reported, an unsettling number of pallid-winged grasshoppers have been spotted. In other areas, large swarms of ‘Mormon Crickets’ have been reported.

Identification of some of the crazy looking creepy crawlers can be made on Insect Identification.



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