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Brower Speaks Out About FLDS

Brower Speaks Out About FLDS
January 13
11:40 2017

If anyone on the outside knows the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), it’s Sam Brower.

Sam Brower

Sam Brower

Mr. Brower is a private investigator who has looked into the FLDS from many angles over the years. His book Prophets Prey about the inner workings of the FLDS made the New York Times bestseller list two times.

Lake Powell Communications reached out to Brower to get his reaction to the recent verdict and punishment of the FLDS litigants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) fraud case. Though they pleaded guilty, they received no time in jail or probation and they have to pay no restitution. They only need to take a class on the proper use of the SNAP program.

We asked Sam Brower for his reaction to the sentence. He said it was “shameful.”

“In all my decades working in the criminal justice field I have never ever seen a plea agreement handed out with absolutely no teeth in it,” he said. “It was a shameful miscarriage of justice.”

Brower added that not only is there nothing to keep them from doing the same thing again, there’s actually no way to monitor the situation.

“This emboldens them. Now they’re on a pedestal and they wear these convictions like a badge of honor to say ‘God has delivered them,’ and it makes matters exponentially, worse.”

Brower said even the defense attorneys in the case were pounding their chests over the results, despite the fact that it was, technically, a guilty plea delivered by their clients.

“To say this has been discouraging doesn’t do it justice,” he added.

One of the defendants in the SNAP case, who was not in court for sentencing, was Warren Jeffs’ brother, Lyle. Sam Brower was one of those who fought to keep Lyle Jeffs incarcerated until the SNAP case was heard. But the judge had other thoughts, and pretty soon Jeffs took off his ankle bracelet and skedaddled.

Brower doesn’t think anyone knows where Lyle Jeffs is today.

“I know he and Warren have had a falling out; mostly on Warren’s end of the relationship,” said Brower. “But then again, Warren has to keep Lyle on a short lease. He knows Lyle knows too much.”

Brower does not believe Lyle is living in luxury somewhere, as Warren did when he was on the run from the law.

Speaking of Warren Jeffs, the “prophet,” who is serving life in prison in Texas for sexual misconduct with a 12-year old (one of his many wives), we asked Brower if Warren Jeffs is still considered the leader in the FLDS community.

“Oh yes; even more so after this,” said Brower, speaking of the lack of teeth in the SNAP sentence.

The police department that oversees the FLDS communities of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona, has also been in the news for quite some time. The US Justice Department wants the department disbanded, while attorneys for the towns went to court this past week seeking to keep it together, but with changes.

If you read Brower’s book, and other books related to the FLDS, you read that the police department in question has a history of intimidating non-FLDS people who happen upon their communities. Biographical books also show they have also been very tough on anyone trying to escape the cult. Brower says he has always felt the department needs replaced.

“It’s corrupt and it’s an arm of Warren Jeffs’ criminal enterprise,” Brower told us. “It’s not just me saying that; it’s the ex-chief of police and others who have been involved with the police department; worked for the police department that have gone on the record under oath to testify to how corrupt they are.”

He tells us they can’t have a corrupt police department and expect the FLDS community to begin to heal from its past.

Asked what worries him most for the future of the FLDS, Sam Brower simply says, the children.

“Those children who are starving, not getting fed properly because everything their parents make goes to Warren Jeffs’ criminal organization,” said Brower.

He believes the SNAP decision sets the FLDS back ten years.

“They have a whole generation of children coming up that are who are completely dependent and loyal to an insane pedophile.”

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