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Bomb Scares Navajo Nation Wednesday

September 19
17:36 2013

Bomb Scare in Window Rock

It was not just one, but two bomb scares for the Navajo Nation early Wednesday, September 18th, 2013. Authorities were summoned to deal with with two suspicious packages that were treated as possible improvised explosive devices.

About 8 a.m., Navajo police were summoned to the Prosecutors Office in the Window Rock Police Station because of a suspicious package that was found. The package was wrapped in duct tape and was the size of a shoebox. An evacuation of the PD was called for nearly 300 people including jail inmates. Window Rock Boulevard was also shut down to create a safe zone. Bomb experts arrived in Window Rock a little before 11 A.M. when it was determined the package did not contain explosives. However, another call regarding a suspicious package was responded to shortly after 12 p.m. from a local business but, again, authorities quickly determined the second package was also non-explosive.

Multiple agencies, including the FBI, responded. Authorities are actively investigating the incident.

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