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Body Cams on the Way for Coconino County Sheriffs

Body Cams on the Way for Coconino County Sheriffs
January 26
10:12 2017

Example of a body cameraThe Coconino County Sheriff’s Office is getting body cameras! That was the word on Wednesday after the county’s Board of Supervisors voted to spend nearly a half-million dollars on the devices.

The new body cameras will be distributed to the sheriff’s patrol deputies and detention officers.

Reports indicate that Sheriff Jim Driscol is quite pleased with the purchase. He believes the cameras will have a positive impact on his deputies and, if history is any teacher, complaints about the sheriff’s office will decrease as a result of the use of the cameras. For the most part, that’s been the case in other communities around the country.

In all, the cameras will cost the county 480-thousand dollars. The money will be spent on cameras approved by the sheriff’s office following several years of testing various types of cameras.

The new cameras will be worn as part of the officers’ headgear.

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