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Blackmore Being Tried for Polygamy

Blackmore Being Tried for Polygamy
April 19
10:45 2017

Many eyes are focused on Cranbrook, British Columbia right now as two men are tried on a charge of polygamy. One of the defendants is the well-known Winston Blackmore, who for years ran the Canadian arm of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Winston Blackmore

The other defendant is a man identified as James Oler.

Both men are charged with one count of polygamy, though in Blackmore’s case, he reportedly has more than two dozen of them. Older allegedly has four wives.

On Tuesday Oler pleaded “not guilty.” And Blackmore remained silent; the judge took his silence to mean “not guilty.”

One published report had a reporter asking a Hildale, Utah resident his thoughts on Blackmore’s guilt or innocence. The man being questioned has two daughters who are married to the defendant. According to the report, Alvin Barlow said that while his two-time son-in-law might be breaking man’s law, he was abiding by God’s.

Barlow is quoted as saying the laws that Blackmore is said to be breaking are not, “equitable and just.”

It’s been a very long time since someone in Canada was found guilty of polygamy; 1899 to be exact.

Blackmore was named head of the Canadian FLDS in 1980 by then-FLDS leader, Leroy Johnson. Following Johnson, there was Rulon Jeffs and then Jeffs’ son, Warren Jeffs.

According to at least one published report, Warren Jeffs became jealous of Blackmore’s popularity and fired him from the church shortly before his father, Rulon, died. And though Blackmore was actually booted-out, his followers in Canada apparently continue to count him as their leader.

Warren Jeffs, of course, was hounded by Cedar City, Utah private investigator Sam Brower and was eventually arrested for having sexual relations with children. He is now serving a life prison sentence in Texas.

The non-jury trial for Blackmore and Oler may take-up to a month. A decision by the judge might follow a few weeks later.


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