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Bill Diak Back in the Saddle as Mayor of Page

Bill Diak Back in the Saddle as Mayor of Page
November 19
06:15 2020

Bill Diak re-Assumes His Role as Mayor of Page America

He’s back

Bill Diak took back the reins as Mayor of Page Wednesday night (Nov. 18). After defeating (now) former Mayor Levi Tappan in August, Mr. Diak was re-sworn-in as Mayor; a position he held for eight years prior to being defeated by Mr. Tappan in 2018.

City Manager Darren Coldwell had some complimentary words for Mr. Tappan at the beginning of Wednesday’s council meeting. He mentioned some of the difficulties Mr. Tappan and staff had to face in the year 2020.

“From COVID to budget to personnel issues, you were there to support staff the entire way, and give us guidance, direction and kind of let us do our thing,” said the City manager. “We appreciate it.”

As he was about to step down, Tappan had some words to share.

“Some people have dreams, and some people make wishes; I try to do both regularly,” he said. “My parents always taught me to return things better than you received them. And over the past ten years I am proud of what the city has accomplished.”

Mr. Tappan was a council member prior to being Mayor.

Bill Diak took the oath of office Wednesday night, along with new council members, Richard Leightner and Brian Carey. Mr. Leightner took his oath by way of zoom. He was not at the council meeting in-person.

Diak’s first order of business was to talk about Levi Tappan.

“Being on the other end two years ago, I know how hard it is to step away,” said Mayor Diak. “I am glad to be back in the seat and I pledge myself to work for the community as I have in the past, and to be very pro-active as we move forward.”

He told the new council that he looked forward to working with them but reminded them there are challenges ahead.

“We will put those (challenges) behind us and move forward and come out stronger and better as a whole,” said Diak.

At that point, Clerk Kim Larson took the roll call and Bill Diak went back into Mayor-mode, back in control of a Page City Council meeting for the first time in 24-months.


Featured Photo: The former council just prior to stepping down

Bill Diak Back in the Saddle as Mayor of Page - overview

Summary: Bill Diak re-Assumes His Role as Mayor of Page Arizona


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