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Big Gas Savings for the New Year

Big Gas Savings for the New Year
January 11
11:31 2016

Weight loss is at the top of a lot of New Year’s resolution lists, but one thing that will remain fat this year is your wallet as gas prices continue to fall in 2016.

According to AAA, The New Year has brought the lowest average gas prices since 2009.

The statewide average dropped almost a whole cent to $1.987.  Across the nation, prices fell a fraction of a cent to $1.996.

According to Linda Gorman, Director of Communications and Public Affairs for AAA Arizona, “Arizonans in 2015 paid an average of $2.39 per gallon.  Market fundamentals are positioned to continue to support fuel savings in 2016.”

Gorman also admitted that the prices would likely increase leading up to the summer driving season.  However, the statewide average price is expected to remain below the $3 ceiling for 2016.

“Both Tucson and Flagstaff currently hold the low and high state fuel averages, respectively, whereas, Missouri and California hold the lowest and highest average prices for the lower 48 states, respectively,” said Gorman.

The average gas prices in Page are currently between $2.25 and $2.27, with the lowest at $2.25 and the highest at $2.29.

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