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Big Fire in Page!!!

Big Fire in Page!!!
October 19
15:16 2019

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The beautiful autumn afternoon on Saturday was interrupted with a tragedy on South Navajo Drive, where at least three homes caught fire.

At last report, there were no injuries reported, and the cause is not known.

We are not sure when the fire began, or precisely in which home it began. It may have started at around 1 P.M. or a short time later.

At 2:34 P.M. two Page Firefighters bravely entered 825 South Navajo Drive while the home was apparently still on fire. However, the two firefighters reported no fire inside, but plenty of smoke. They left the home at 2:49 and were going to be treated as a precautionary measure by medical personnel on the scene.

Just last week Page Fire Chief Jeff Reed told Lake Powell Communications that with Page being so isolated, there was close to no other agency that can lend a hand. But our friends with the Big Water Fire & Rescue were there to lend a big hand. One of their first priorities was to lay a hose from the fire scene, a good quarter-mile from a fire hydrant near Sage Avenue. They needed an additional hydrant to help in fighting the massive blaze.

Other agencies on scene and giving the fire department a ton of help with traffic control, and more, included the Arizona Department of Highway Safety, the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, the National Park Service and likely more.

Perhaps 150 bystanders were watching the fire east and west of the fire scene. Page Police officers keeping them from getting too close.

After 2:30, according to talk on the police/fire scanner, they were still awaiting the arrival of a crew from Page Utility Enterprises to turn off all the power in the immediate vicinity. PUE arrived on the scene at 2:34. Firefighters had apparently been shocked a number of times while prior to PUE’s arrival.

The 3-home fire was called OUT at 3:16 P.M. However, hours of work was still ahead. In fact, at 3:37 P.M. a house on Del Barco seemed to be re-igniting.

AT 4:17 the fire was declared under control.

Big Fire in Page!!! - overview

Summary: Three-home fire in Page, Arizona on Saturday, Oct 19


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