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Begaye & Wife Evidently Calling it Quits

Begaye & Wife Evidently Calling it Quits
April 15
11:28 2016

Is Navajo President Russell Begaye headed for divorce court with his wife?

Earlier this year the Navajo Nation resembled Hollywood’s TMZ in a way, as pictures and innuendoes about Begaye were making their way onto social media and in the legitimate press about him and another woman. Denials by Begaye and his alleged gal-pal were aplenty.

But on Thursday (4/14) The Navajo Times reported that President Begaye announced that he and his wife have ended their relationship. He apparently pointed toward all of the gossip and photos as the reason for the split.

During his campaign for office last year; a campaign that was fraught with controversy because of the Christopher Deschene situation (many thought the election was stolen from him), Mrs. Begay; Dr. Kyoon Chung Begaye, hadn’t been around her husband.

In fact, after he was sworn-in as President, it was Vice President Jonathan Nez’s wife, Phefelia Herbert, who was reportedly serving as the nation’s First Lady, since Mrs. Begaye lives in the state of Georgia, where she is a dentist near Atlanta.

In a release on Thursday, Begaye said his wife did not like the negative press from earlier this year, wanting instead to stay in the background as a private person. He went on to say that there is no longer any relationship between him and Chung.

The two were married in 1999, not long after Begaye’s first wife passed away. During his campaign for President, the ordained Southern Baptist minister referred to the marriage as a business decision.

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