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Begaye Rumors Lead to Lawsuit

Begaye Rumors Lead to Lawsuit
January 25
10:44 2016

The rumors, pictures and innuendos swirling around Navajo President Russell Begaye has led to a lawsuit being filed in Window Rock. It was filed by the Tuba City woman who has been accused of having an affair with Begaye; Myra Begay-Draper. It was filed against a blogger who has been adding fuel to the rumor-mill fire.

The lawsuit also deals with the alleged preferential treatment the plaintiff has received concerning the power hook-up to her father’s home in Coalmine Canyon Chapter.

Both President Begaye and Begay-Draper have denied that they’re having an affair, saying their relationship is strictly related to business.

On Facebook, the President had said people have misconstrued what is going on between him and the plaintiff. As far as a picture that has been published showing the two holding hands, Begaye reportedly said he was merely comforting her at the time.

The Facebook post was taken down soon after it was posted.

Begay-Draper filed the lawsuit in Window Rock District Court. According to the Navajo Times, her attorney basically calls the whole story about an affair and preferential treatment, hogwash.

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