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Bear incident in the Moab area; 13-year old OK

Bear incident in the Moab area; 13-year old OK
August 09
15:35 2019
Press release from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources August 9, 2019
–  We received a report today that a bear injured a person in the Grand County area. The attack happened around 5:45 a.m. on Aug. 9 at the Dewey Bridge Campground, along the Colorado River.

–  The 13-year-old victim was bitten while sleeping. The young man was injured on his right cheek and his right ear. The victim went to the emergency room in Moab and was then transported by ambulance to a hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado. He has been treated and released.  He said the bear was about his size, so it was a smaller bear.

–  The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) received a call about the attack at 7 a.m. this morning. The DWR is coordinating with USDA-Wildlife Services (WS) to track and capture the bear.

–  The bear was last seen heading towards the Colorado River. The DWR and WS have located bear tracks and have attempted to capture the bear with dogs. They will also be setting multiple traps in the area.

–  It is unclear how long it may take to locate the bear, but the DWR and WS will work to find it until they’ve exhausted all their options.

–  Because this bear attacked a human, it will be euthanized when it is located.

–  The campground has been closed, and warning signs will be posted in the area. The DWR will have someone at the campground to warn anyone who may land a raft at the boat ramp.

–  The DWR will provide updates as they become available.

–  Remember that Utah is bear country. For safety tips, visit the DWR website:

PHOTO: NOT the bear involved in the attack
Bear incident in the Moab area; 13-year old OK - overview

Summary: Bear attack in southeast Utah


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