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Be Very Safe on Lake Powell; Always!

Be Very Safe on Lake Powell; Always!
September 13
16:32 2019

A very busy Lake Powell

Safety Precautions on Lake Powell

GLEN CANYON NATIONAL RECREATION AREA, Utah – If you are planning a boating trip on Lake Powell this weekend, please use extra caution around the high traffic areas. It is always smart to slow down in narrow canyons and congested areas. Obey the speed limits: you are required to slow down to wakeless speed when you are within 150 feet of another vessel, swimmer, or wall, or inside a designated “wakeless” area. Even if you are far enough away to stay at speed, the wake you leave behind could easily overcome a swimmer or paddler. All boaters must follow federal and state regulations and carry all required equipment on their vessels.

Other important safety tips include the following. Wearing life jackets saves lives! Do not drink and drive a boat, and do not be a passenger in a boat with someone who is drinking. Motorboats may not be operated faster than wakeless speed with passengers sitting on the bow decking, gunwales, seatbacks or motor cover. When towing water skies, wakeboards, or other devices, boat operators must maintain a safe course to ensure safety. Remember, in addition to the boat operator, you must also have an observer – at least 8-years-old – on board to watch and communicate with the skier. Pay attention to changing weather conditions while on the water. Beware of carbon monoxide emitted by generators and boat engines that are running; it is a silent killer. In the event of an accident, call 911 or vhf marine band radio channel 16.

Everyone who visits Lake Powell’s waterways deserves a fun and safe vacation!  Be careful of other boaters on Lake Powell. For more information visit Glen Canyon National Recreation Area’s website at

United States Coast Guard
Utah State Parks
Arizona Game and Fish

Be Very Safe on Lake Powell; Always! - overview

Summary: The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area reminds us to be safe on Lake Powell.


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