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BASE Jumper, Busted!

BASE Jumper, Busted!
April 09
09:05 2020

Base jumping is not only an extremely dangerous sport, but it is also an illegal one in all of our National Parks. But, when shutdowns happen, the jumpers come out.

One jumper has recently pled guilty to two counts of BASE Jumping in Zion National Park. 

Zion National Park Rangers recently received an anonymous tip that a small group was planning to BASE jump the park. Rangers staked out some locations and observed an individual jump from the Great White Throne. He was wearing a wingsuit that allowed him to glide a distance before deploying his parachute and landing in the area below Angels Landing.

The individual, identified as Marshall Miller, from Salt Lake City, Utah was apprehended later that night after initially evading the Rangers. Miller had also been a person of interest in a BASE jumping incident that took place during the Government Shut Down in January of 2018. Miller has pled guilty to the jumps, been fined $5,000, and banned from the park for 2 years. 

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