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Bad Vibes on Primary Day

Bad Vibes on Primary Day
March 24
15:07 2016

There are a lot of ticked-off people as a result of Arizona’s P.P.E. on Tuesday.

The Democratic Party on Thursday had a press conference scheduled, the League of Women Voters want changes now, and Governor Doug Ducey is calling for everyone to be allowed to participate in the future.

The Dems are asking Secretary of State Michele Reagan and the County Recorder in Maricopa County (Helen Purcell) to look into irregularities that apparently popped-up on Tuesday.

Like the governor, the League of Women Voters believe all citizens should be eligible to vote on primary day. The way it was operated Tuesday only allowed registers Democrats, Republicans and Green Party members to cast ballots.

The women’s league says voters in Maricopa County witnessed a very flawed presidential preference election.

Among other things, Governor Ducey was appalled that some voters in the Phoenix area had to wait as much as five hours in order to vote. He wants election officials to make changes so that these irregularities and delays do not happen again.

Interestingly, more than twenty thousand voters in Maricopa County cast their selections on “provisional” ballots because their names could not be found on the lists of those registered with one of the three parties. This is one of the issues that has to be ironed-out right away, so that these votes, if they are applicable, can be counted.

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