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Bacca Headed To Jail

Bacca Headed To Jail
May 05
10:50 2017

Georgia Bacca is on her way to jail. The former Kane County, UT Treasurer has pleaded guilty to a third degree felony of misusing public finds.

On Thursday Judge Marvin D. Bagley of Kane County’s 6th District Court accepted the plea by the 53-year old. A prison sentence of five years was suspended by the judge, but Bacca will be in jail for a month and has been ordered to re-pay the people of Utah over 35-thousand dollars.

It was fourteen months ago when the state’s auditor’s office announced that an investigation into Bacca’s Kanab office. She had been accused of using Kane County money for personal use since 2013. She had held the office since 2006.

According to reports, more than 36-thousand dollars was allegedly used by Bacca for her own use. But reports also indicate another 56-thousand dollars is still unaccounted for.

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