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As Primaries Near, Presidential Campaigns Turn Sights to Arizona, Utah

As Primaries Near, Presidential Campaigns Turn Sights to Arizona, Utah
March 21
15:06 2016

Super Tuesday Part Four sees the campaign trail veer westward as delegates are up for grabs in Arizona and Utah for both Republican and Democratic presidential candidates.  Tomorrow, Arizona will be having it’s Presidential Preference Election while Utah will hold caucuses for both parties. For the Republicans, 58 delegates are up for grabs in Arizona while an additional 40 are available in Utah. On the Democrats side, 75 delegates for Arizona and 33 delegates in Utah are in play. Idaho will also host a Democratic primary with 23 delegates to distribute.

Even though the delegate haul is not as impressive as Super Tuesdays past, candidates from both parties have been shaking hands and kissing babies all over the Grand Canyon and Beehive States.   For both party’s frontrunners, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, tomorrow’s primaries provide a chance to take one step closer to mathematically assuring their party’s nomination. For the other candidates, tomorrow is an opportunity to gain some ground on the leaders.

The three remaining candidates on the Republican ticket, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Donald Trump, all hosted rallies and events, with Kasich being the only candidate not to visit Arizona. Cruz was campaigning at Arizona Christian University Friday, the Senator from Texas then headed north to campaign across Utah before making an impromptu stop and a church in Peoria on Sunday. Kasich, while not holding any events in Arizona, had a busy weekend as he campaigned across Utah. Perhaps the biggest point in the weekend for the Governor from Ohio was when he received the support of Utah Governor, Gary Herbert. Donald Trump hosted events in Fountain Hills and Tucson in Arizona and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Trump’s supporters and protestors made headlines once again due to confrontations at the frontrunners rallies. At the Tucson rally, an attendee was arrested after he punched and repeatedly kicked a protestor as he was being escorted out by security. The protestor’s actions were also under scrutiny following the rally, with one Tucson police officer describing the protestors as “verbally violent.”

For the Democrats, frontrunner Hillary Clinton will be at the Carl Hayden School in Phoenix tonight. Over the weekend, former President and possible-first man, Bill Clinton campaigned in Tucson and Phoenix in support of his wife. On Thursday and Friday, Bernie Sanders held well attended rallies in Flagstaff and Salt Lake City, respectively. The rallies were so well attended that Sanders scheduled last minute rallies in both cities today.

The Flagstaff rally will be held at the Amphitheater at Fort Tuthill County Park and is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

The Senator from Vermont was also campaigning in Phoenix on Saturday.

Registered Republicans and Democrats in Arizona can vote in tomorrow’s Presidential Preference Election. For Page, polling places will be setup at City Hall and at the Public Safety Building. In Tuba City, ballots can be cast in the basement of the Tuba City Library. The closest polling places for Utah Republicans will be the Big Water School or the Churchwells Fire Department. For Democrats, the nearest polling place is the library in Kanab.

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