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Arizona’s Attorney General Looks to Create Fair Voting Environment

Arizona’s Attorney General Looks to Create Fair Voting Environment
March 25
14:05 2016

After Tuesday’s Presidential Preference Election, Arizona politicians have been calling for election reform. 1.2 million Independent voters were unable to voice their opinions because Arizona has closed primary elections, where only registered members of political parties can vote. Governor Doug Ducey already said he’d like to open Arizona’s primaries to all voters and also called the long lines at Arizona polling places “unacceptable.”

Now Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has announced he plans to work with the legislature to prohibit county and statewide officials from releasing election data before all polls are closed.

In a statement, Brnovich said that long wait times and long lines at polling places are an issue but he is encouraged by county and state officials who pledged to review the procedures and make Arizona more prepared for future elections.

However, Brnovich said he also wants to ensure a fair environment for voters,

“I want to ensure that all voters who are following the rules have a chance to cast their ballots in a fair and neutral environment.  While I understand the public anticipation and demand for the results, it is problematic if early election returns and projections of winners are broadcast while voters are still in lines at the polls. I plan to work with the legislature on a law to prevent early election returns from being released before all polls are closed. We need to get this right and protect the integrity of the process.”

Even with the Election Day missteps, Brnovich concluded that he was inspired by those who voted despite the difficult circumstances,

“Despite the Election Day troubles, it was inspiring to see so many Arizonans who remained in line, determined to have their voice heard. I also want to thank all of the volunteers who worked long hours and did an incredible job in the face of such a challenging election.”

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