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New Hunting and Fishing License Bundles for Arizona

December 02
23:41 2013

orange_smallOne of the biggest changes coming to Arizona’s new hunting and fishing license structure in 2014 will be the bundling of privileges for Fishing licenses and combination Hunt/Fish licenses.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, the new General Fishing license will include not only the privileges of the current Class A fishing license, but also privileges for trout, two-pole fishing, and Community Fishing Program waters (formerly known as Urban Fishing Program waters). The license may also include fishing privileges for Colorado River waters that Arizona shares with Nevada and California (currently $3 for the stamp for each state), depending on whether negotiations Arizona Game and Fish Department is having with those states are successful.

The price of the new General Fishing license will be $37 for residents. By comparison, if residents separately bought the above-listed privileges under the current license structure, those privileges would cost $69.75 ($23.50 for the Class A license, $15.75 for the trout stamp, $6 for the two-pole stamp, $18.50 for the Urban license, and $3 each for the Colorado River stamps for shared waters with California and Nevada). The new General Fishing license will also be less expensive and include more privileges than the current Super Fishing license, which costs $53 for residents. The Super Fishing license will be discontinued in 2014.

The price of the new Combination Hunt/Fish License will be $57 for residents. That price is only $3 more than the price of the current Class F Combo license, and the new license will now include all of the added privileges of the new General Fishing License (trout, two-pole, Community fishing, and possibly the CA and NV Colorado River stamps). The price for the new Combination Hunt/Fish license for nonresidents will be $160.

The new hunting and fishing license structure is simpler than the current structure, with more than 40 license and stamp options being condensed down to just six license options and a single state migratory bird stamp.

Another change is that the new licenses will be valid for one year from the date of purchase rather than just for the calendar year.

The new license structure and pricing becomes effective Jan. 1, 2014. Make 2014 a great year by getting outside and enjoying the outdoors!

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