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Arizona Groups Work to Reach Millennials on National Voter Registration Day

Arizona Groups Work to Reach Millennials on National Voter Registration Day
September 27
14:03 2016

Today is National Voter Registration Day, a day when thousands of individuals, organizations, celebrities, businesses and elected officials are pounding home the message that Arizonans now have less than two weeks to register to vote in the presidential election. The deadline to register to vote is Monday, October 10th.

Diane Brown, executive director of the Arizona Public Interest Research Group Education Fund, said her group is speaking at community events and on campuses across the state over the next two weeks, because even though the share of the youth vote increased in 2004 and in 2008, the numbers are still very low.

“In the last presidential election in Arizona, 38 percent of millennials voted compared to 61 percent of individuals 30 years or older,” she said.

In surveys, many young adults say they want more unbiased information about the candidates. The Secretary of State set up so people can read about the ballot measures and the candidates for federal, state and local office, as well as find out how to register, and where to vote on November 8th. You can also call 1-877-THE-VOTE.

Brown said people who vote also tend to give back to the community in other ways.

“Voting is a habit that can help lead to additional civic engagement and ultimately a more representative, vibrant democracy,” Brown explained.

According to the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement, almost a million millennials in Arizona are eligible to vote this year.

Go to to register online or fill out a paper copy at your local county recorder.

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