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Arizona COVID-19 Numbers Going UP!

Arizona COVID-19 Numbers Going UP!
June 03
04:51 2020

Tuesday Saw More New Cases Than Any Other Day

The Reuters News Agency has reported that Arizona had to highest reported increase of new COVID-19 cases in the country last week!

And yesterday (Tuesday, June 2), the state had the most newly reported cases the state has ever seen in one day; 1,127.

So the pandemic doesn’t seem to be going away just yet, according to these statistics.

Apparently, it doesn’t mean that there were actually that many new cases Tuesday. It means that the various agencies that report new cases in Arizona turned-in these numbers Tuesday; numbers that added up to 1,127.

But when compared to the other 49 states that make up the USA, Arizona was on top of this dubious list Tuesday; the most new cases!

More than one thousand COVID-19 patients were admitted to various Arizona health care facilities Tuesday.

Another interesting point in all of this is that more tests are coming back positive now, than in the recent past. That’s according to published reports. Back in May when the state was in the process of re-opening, a reported 5% of the tests were coming back positive. Now it appears that number is up to 9%.

FOX-10 News in Phoenix is reporting that new cases of the virus are actually leveling off in rural areas of the state. But the reverse is apparently true in urban areas. And, according to reports, it’s the Tucson and Yuma areas that are now the center of attention with the Arizona Department of Health Services. Those areas are now considered to be “hot spots.”

Stay safe and be careful!

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Summary: Arizona COVID-19 Numbers Going UP!


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