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Are Our Parks in Trouble?

Are Our Parks in Trouble?
April 20
11:06 2016

Sally Jewel told it like it is yesterday in Washington. The woman who leads the Department of the Interior made a policy speech that said things have to change within the National Park System.

Sally Jewel

Sally Jewel

Jewel, who was in Page two years ago to head the 50th anniversary celebration of the Glen Canyon Dam, spoke yesterday about how climate change is offering the nation a serious dilemma for the future of our parks.

She talked about long droughts, fire seasons gone crazy and water shortages as reasons why we must set a new course direction for the parks in America. She called climate change the most pressing issue of our time.

Rather surprisingly, the Interior Secretary said natural lands out west are losing an average of a football field worth of land every two and a half minutes.

Among other topics touched upon by Jewel was the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. She was quoted as saying the takeover, “propped up dangerous voices that reject the rule of law, put communities and hard-working public servants at risk, and fail to appreciate how deeply democratic and American our national parks and public lands are.”

That takeover led to the law enforcement death of Fredonia, Arizona resident, Lavoy Finicum, the day before his 55th birthday. He is buried in Kanab.

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